Thursday, September 29, 2011

putting on baseboards and other fun stuff:-)

tonight, September 29th...and we are all moved in - NOT organized yet!! But moved in and it is a great feeling! Especially after last night where we worked till 1am, and we had our kids there...and they did not fall asleep there, we are the worst parents ever!!!!- oh well, we had to get everything prepped so we could move in today!!

  So I posted on Facebook, that I installed a toilet! You bet I did:-)  So last night, it was baseboards!!  Yep - we were supposed to pay big $$ to get them installed, so we bought the stuff and did it ourself - I tell you, if this scrapbooking thing doesn't work out for me, I think I might go and be a handyman of sorts:-)

ok - now you have to see this, our NEW sign & LOGO!!!!  I adore it:-)

right now there is a HUGE tree, kind of blocking the street view, I have talked to the city and hopefully it will be pruned asap, but in the meantime, just look for the pretty White brick building in amoung all the ugly brown ones on our block!

so we packed throughout the day, and then at 5pm - we locked the doors and it was MOVING TIME:-)

and with the help of Lorie, Pam, Shannon & Debbie (Cottage Girls) Deneen, Candace & My hubby Mark...oh yeah and these crazy guys
Mitch, Colton & Matt - your Steinbach Pistons!

we got EVERYTHING there in about 3.5 hours!!!!  That is sooo awesome!!

seriously, who orders all this stuff???

now tomorrow, we get to make it pretty for all of you!  

See you Sat!!

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  1. Congratulations from Brampton, Ontario. Must be time for a trip to Steinbach to visit my sister Sharon Klaassen! God's blessings on your new home.

    Linda Dykstra