Tuesday, May 22, 2012

more Kit of the Month ideas

here you go - some more KOTM inspiration!!!

I hope you feel inspired!

scrappin all weekend!!

May long - the weather was perfect, nice enough to get a few jobs done, but rainy enough so I did not feel guilty about scrapbooking  a little too! Kathy from the Winnipeg store wanted to have sketches available on our Facebook page all weekend, so they were my inspiration too!! Here is a little of what I did this weekend!

 The above 2 were Shadow boxes I did up for my hubby  - he has only been asking for years!! Finally took the time to do them this weekend (take the time is literally what I did, in total they took MANY hours!!

 ok - so she just turned 5, but who's counting right???

 using Crate paper - Pretty Party, I really liked working with this line!

 and this is recent! Aubrey on her first airplane ride!!

I used the new Studio Calico paper and stickers and those little paper clips are soo fun!!

I hope you got something done this weekend too - creative or just hanging out - long weekends are just awesome!!

I hope you feel inspired!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

too all of you Mom's who work tirelessly, love endlessly, and would do anything for your families - may you take a few moments to put up your feet today and enjoy!!!

one of these cards are for you today!!

take care!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kit of the Month Layouts

our May KOTM - if full of great fun products!!

Take a look at what Tannis Created with it so far...

soo fabulous, and more ideas will be posted about mid - month (I apologize that more ideas did not get posted with last month's kit)  But this month for sure!!!
Call either store, or pop-into the store to pick up your kit of the month for only $30 today!

I hope you feel inspired!


ok- so after MANY faithful years with my old cell phone, I updated and became part of the iPhone generation, seriously soooooo fun!! I just love it!! Definitely my favorite app is one of 2 - 1st the title of this post...Instagram .... I just LOVE the cool effects I can give to my photos with this feature,
here are some silly ones:-)
 my wonderful nephew Ethan (who also recently turned 12 and can now babysit! Yipee!!)
 yours truly:-)

 my kiddos- lovin the retro feel of the photo with that car in the background

 always crazy, yes Dain did have chopsticks while eating pizza...

kind of dark but I like it...

definitely the ones I like the best have either the Rise feature or the Amaro or X-pro II,
Do you have Instagram or another photo feature app on your phone, I would love to hear about it:-)

Another App I like alot is "Photo365"  
I like this App because it really makes taking a photo a day easy, it brings up the month and the day for you, you just choose to snap a photo when you open the app, or choose a photo from your library if you have already taken a few...and it pops it into the date for you.
You are all organized with your photo a day, all you have to do is remember to take the photo...and you can send yourself a reminder for that:-)

those are 2 that I love, please share if you have something on your phone to make documenting your life nice and easy!

I hope you feel inspired,

more fun events!!

so here are some more fun things we did this month...

we were in Brandon for their Charity crop the last weekend in April - lots of fun:-),  this is what our booth looked like!  I did have a larger sign for the booth made, but it was just on paper and I really did not like it, but our little signs and label signs were all created and hand-drawn by Tish - our Wpg Cottage girl:-)  thanks Tish!!  We met many great ladies, alot of which had never even heard of us - I just LOVE to tell ladies about our great little store.

On a sadder note, Scrapbooking by Design is closing it's doors after MANY years of faithful service to you all here in Winnipeg.  We wish Nicole well as she creates a new vision for her store!