Monday, September 12, 2011

a few more pics of the space:-)

Here is the wall that was put in - as I referred to in my last post, this room was initally open/part of main area, however this is now the office/storage area.

 This is the bathroom...definitely will be the "before" photo...obviously we have not tackled this yet!

 piles of tiles for my new ceiling:-)

 Dain was super-helpful tonight, vacuuming:-)
 I honestly think the song "anything you can do I can do better" - is on repeat in Aubrey's she had to help her brother!
slatwall!! Starting to look like a retail space!!
 This large hole in the wall is what I saw on Friday morning...old back doors came one is going in this week:-)

This is the back of the building - "Before"photo taken on Friday once already looks different! Yipee!!
glad they fixed that hole in the wall... this is the "temporary" fix till that door comes in - hopefully by Wed!

well there you have it - still a few more things to do to the structure, before I can go in and make it pretty, but we're getting there!


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