Sunday, October 6, 2013

Altered items...

anyone who knows me, knows I like to use paper for so much more than just a scrapbook...I think scrapbooking is art, and should be out in the open, not just hiding on a shelf in the corner.
So saying that I wanted to show you some projects I have done showing you what you can do with a little "glue and paper".

I started with a suitcase I found at the local thrift store -
I painted the metal trim with white spray primer for metal, and then painted over it with a mint green acrylic paint.  I also sprayed a bit of primer over the suitcase because I was planning to put a lighter colored paper over top - I did not wanted the navy to show through.

 I started to spread Modge-podge over the suitcase, I worked in a section about 12x12 inches, I placed ripped out pages from an old Reader's Digest book, I just made sure to spread the Modge Podge over the paper as well, that is what helped it to stay down.

 I just covered the whole suitcase, making sure the paper was straight along the metal trimming, and worked my way into the center.

I added Ribbon along the metal edges (attaching that with sookwang tape) and then scrapbooked a little layout with all sorts of reading & journalling words. 

I hope you are inspired to create something altered too!