Saturday, June 27, 2015

More Hazel & Ruby fun

So I have a heart for altered items, take old things and make them pretty and new again:)
So this was the $3.00 find and the thrift store, 
It was that lovely wierd brown shiny wood veneer- so I gave it a light sanding.
Then I sprayed the legs with a nice teal blue spray paint.
Then using modge Podge, I adhered the Hazel & Ruby grey dot tissue paper to the top of the table

There is a few wrinkles and imperfections,  but I'm ok with that!
As you can see the tissue was hanging over the edge, so I waited till the modge Podge was dry and then I sanded the edges with a nail file

It came off really easily, 

I then coved the rubber edge with cute Washi Tape from Hazel & Ruby as well! 
I added a little Sookwang ( be creative tape) first to make sure the tape stayed attached to the rubber.
And here is the finished project!

Super fun and super inexpensive! 

I hope you feel inspired!

Hazel & Ruby stencil fun!

Hazel & Ruby has a super fun line of stencils and tissue and paper and more, I loved it when I first saw their stuff, and how it suited scrapbooking, mixed media, home decor and more!

So project #1 was a canvas- just like the one they show how to do on the back of the packaging of the stencils! 
  The 1st step was covering a canvas with Modge Podge 
Then when the modge Podge is wet, I attached the paper from the roll to the canvas, making sure the edges are wrapped around the canvas and tucked around the back.
I applied a little heat to speed up the drying process:)

Using a ruler ( to keep the stencil straight) 
I put my words on the canvas, these letters and words are great because they have a repositionable adhesive ( which also keeps a nice tight deal between the letters and the canvas.
The outlines are also found on the letter package, I decided to use it as a border.

Then add paint- I played a little with this, I tried a watered down paint to give it more of a wash of color, I also tried a thicker paint, for a more opaque color, both looked good in different looks!
I pulled the letters off with tweezers, the letters looked pretty crisp!
Starting to look good- now for final details!!

I outlined the lettered with a white sharpie paint pen to give them more pop! Then also added some burlap and lace to finish off the canvas!

I wanted to try it again in a different color-
Here are are few pics if that, 

Fun & easy project, a couple of things I learned, wipe the lettered down with a wet wipe as soon as you pull them off the canvas ( I pulled them off while paint was still wet)  if you don't it doesn't affect the adhesive, but the paint will be harder to wash off. 
Also I liked using thicker paint, I found there was less bleed-through, under the letters.

I hope you feel inspired!!