Sunday, October 2, 2011

setting up...

Date - Friday, Sept 30th
The Place- 363 Main Street
The Goal - set a whole scrapbook store up in one day
The People involved - Sharon, Tannis, Temara, Cathy, Nita, Debbie, Jen, Jeannie, Pam, Lori, Marilyn, Jenna, Shannon, Deneen & Mark,

We started at 9:30 am- starting with the sorting of boxes to different areas of the store ( most of the racking/ shelves had been put in place the night before) and sticky notes were on the wall for product placement - let the fun begin!
Nita-Spellbinder & stamp walls
 my sister Jen, quickly painting the backs of some cabinets, as now you would see those backs!
 Temara, punch wall...
 Jeannie - flowers
Debbie- window display

the chandelier in it's new home!

this was at 4:30 in the afternoon - still piles everywhere!!!

Then at about 9:30pm, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed at this point!  My sister stayed till after 10pm (but then had to take her kids home and put them to bed!!). And then Shannon texted me asking if I still needed help - the answer was a resounding YES!!! So she came, and we finished everything off, Mark was there too, doing last min stuff!  And we were done at 1am - the store needed a few more "touches" but it was almost ready!

The only MAJOR Stress of the day was MTS, I booked the appt with them to change over my phone and internet (internet is a MUST to operate the debit machine!) 5 weeks ago... I called them at lunch again to see if they were coming, they said yes...and then I received a phone call at 3:30pm - saying they would re-schedule my install until Monday....I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!  I said that was not acceptable, and I needed someone today!!  Well after 3 different phone calls I got someone in on Sat morning - 8am.... do I keep up the suspense?...did they show up before we opened on Sat?...tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story:-)

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  1. wow- it looks so big!! I wish I could have made it out this weekend. Looks like a great space and all your hard work paid off!.. knowing MTS... I am going to say they showed up... just later than expected but it all worked out? I sure hope so anyway!