Monday, February 18, 2013

Project life - all caught up!!

well - considering the goal was sitting down once a week...that's all fine and dandy if you have a moment to sit...or are even at home!!
Finally - thanks to a day off of work and commitments (Good old Louis Riel day!)
I'm all caught up - here are the weeks as they have unfolded - since posting week 1 -

What a great month - taking lots of silly pictures - journalling can be short and sweet or a little on the long side - whatever you prefer... I am still using the Photo Freedom Page Protectors - 2-4x6 on top and bottom with 4-3x4 in the middle

this was my Jet setting week - Flying Sunday, Wednesday and Friday! It was fun to cut apart boarding passes and my CHA badge to put in the album

 and it was my Birthday on the 18th:-)

 On Sat we were on a cruise - but I put the Miami pics into the week before -  this week is all about holiday fun!! I did LOTS of collages to get in tidbits of pics from our holidays!!

I love to include all sorts of things - the Green paper is from our Gratuity paper - it lists all our servers by name & how much we pre-paid to tip them, as well, I included a bunch of tickets & price tags from clothing - I think those are the things we like to look back at as well, and it has the kids sizes on the tags!

 This 8.5x11 page is put inbetween the 2 12x12 pages - this way I got in a little more stuff from our holidays!
Right now the Disney Cruise passes are loose on top of background paper - that is because I might take them out and incorporate them unto a layout.

Reciept from Bike rental is on this page:-)

New month - new colors...not sure if I will do this everytime - pick a theme - but I like the hit of Pink:-)

The final week - all caught up and it feels great!!!

This is sooo much fun - documenting daily life - I love it!  This is the reason I scrapbook, to capture the little moments along with the big ones - and doing this yearbook for my family - getting those trip pictures printed right aways!!  Very cool - I feel like I am doing the right thing - documenting life AS it happens:-)

I hope you feel inspired!!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh Snap - February KOTM ideas!

Hi all -
welcome to some inspiration!!! Tannis D created a whole bunch of great layouts and a mini album all with what she got in this month's KIT! 

Check out this adorable Mini book!
4 Inches by 12 inches

the cover and small band to put over the cover to keep the book together (check out the film strip:-)

 scored at 3 inch intervals

these little Flap pieces are 7.5 by 2.75 - scored in half and round the outside corners
(2x3 photos fit perfectly!)

Adhere the backside of the scored piece to the 3x4 section - alternating sides - add photos and decorate!
I hope you feel inspired!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

took a little break:-)

after CHA - I took what I think was a well deserved break with my family - we headed to a warmer Climate and enjoyed ourselves in Miami and then on a Disney Cruise - it was lovely!!

 At the hotel in Miami

 On the ship- celebrating my birthday:-)

Meeting Minnie!

 The bunk bed in the room - it pulled out of the ceiling!

having a nap:-)

Goofy walking the deck in his Jammies!

"near, far, wherever you are!"

Our home away from home...

 Dain trying to catch fish with a bucket!

Aubrey making Sandcastles 

So now we are back to reality - and back to creating - will post another Project Life update very soon - soo much has happened all month - and it has been a joy to document it!!