Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday DIY

I wanted a teal blue typewriter- and now I have one, easy peasy! 

Step 1 - find a working typewriter, I found one at my local thrift store, a Brother in really nice shape- the ribbon was dry, but I use an "ink refresher" spray from Inkadinkadoo-  but you can also buy replacement ribbons online for just about any style.

Step 2 - pull it apart😳
This was not hard- unscrew every screw you see to get all the metal pieces off, remove the bottom piece as well as you need to paint it ( you will see it through the keys) take photos if you need to remember how to get a particular joint together, and mark the screws if you need to. 

Step 3- spray pieces in a well ventilated protected area with a good quality spray paint. 

Step 4- be prepared to go over each area many times to get an even coating. 

Step 5- put it back together and it's ready to use. 
Loving this so much- I'm thinking I'm going to do a purple one next 😉