Friday, September 2, 2011

day 2...still tearing it apart:-)

Mark took the day off, the kids and I pitched in (hey the kids will work for a slurpee so their child labor works for us!!)  and here is a few pics of what we did today!!

 Dain was a HUGE help today, from carrying tiles for dad, to loading garbage on the truck!
 look at those little muscles:-)

 the crazy bulkhead was knocked out today!
 The painter, Sandee said to Aubrey she needed to be in the picture to make it look like she was doing all the painting!  Aubrey LOVED pretending...though she did paint a little!!

 it's looking good!!  the top will be painted tomorrow!!

 yep - still painting!  too fun!!
 yanking out the ceiling tiles - so we can put in LOTS of Great lighting for our Crop/Class area:-)

so cool to see it happen... I forgot to include a photo of the new wall, I will have to do that in the next post!

have a great night!!


  1. awesome..i'm loving it sharon..and all the kids and dear hubby..loves ya

  2. Wow, looking good Sharon! Love that the whole family is pitching in! :o)