Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flip album continued...

okay so here we are finally again, seriously is life ever gonna slow down???  The kids are at Awana clubs tonight and so I have a few minutes to share with you:-)

As I said last Blog post - Tannis D made this AMAZING flip album and did a whole bunch of classes - now some of the ladies in those classes wanted me to post the photos of that book so they could do the finishing touches on their books - so here you are!

 Tip for the binding - cut a piece of kraft 8x12 inches, measure 1 inch and start to score the 12inch length every 1/2inch until the last score line is 1 inch from the end.  Then you fold the score lines into an accordian fold and glue 2 scor-lines together with Sookwang or scor-tape.

Here is a picture of the binding that I did for my version of the album -
 the 1 inch I left at either end of the scored portion, was glued to the chipboard, and then covered up with patterned paper
 This is what it looks like with the outside covers on ( they are 6"x12") before I added the patterned paper

 I cut out various photo mats out of cardstock or patterned paper,  always making them larger than the photo, then I put sookwang on the backside of the end that would attached to the binding.  I left my binding "open" so to speak, so the photos and flaps could move a little more.  Tannis put the photo between the binding edge and put sookwang on both sides to keep the flap in place.

Now that's ALOT of photos:-)

I hope you feel inspired!