Thursday, March 25, 2010

wanted to try these for a while

my friend Tracey made these years ago when we worked at SCU together.  I thought it being close to Easter and Dain needing a class snack, it would be an awesome treat to bring!
Crush some fruit loops, mix in with rice crispies, melt butter and marshmallows, stir in rice crispie/fruit loop mix. Using damp hands roll into a ball, squish a flat center, then get a very happy and helpful 5 year-old to add Eggies (3 for each nest). They are sooo cute, and they tasted yummy too!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

weekend away....

so we survived the Creative Gathering - I will post pics at some point either here or the website, but I had to have other take pics because I was tooo busy running around all weekend!!!  which in a way is probably good because I have "misplaced" my camera!!!  I am a little stressed about it too, I NEED my camera - don't get me wrong, I have a great Nikon, but this is my little sony cybershot - perfect for my purse, takes great videos and takes pics email size for store emails- that is the biggest reason I need to find it!  So the hunt continues, I have not seen it since the creative gathering, I think I will call the 55 plus tomorrow in case, by some off chance it fell out of my purse or something.
As for this weekend, I am taking off to a cottage to....SCRAPBOOK!!!!  Yep, me and 2 other friends, going to be staying up late! getting up early, eating junk and scrappin ALLL weekend long!  My goal is at least 40 layouts (you see I need to get a handle on my pics too!)  I will let you know how I did when the weekend is done:-)
Have a great one!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Trade Show pics...

so every year I head over to Edmonton in Feb for a trade show - to see that latest and greatest in scrapbooking products and techniques. I took my sister Jen along (she would say she comes to keep me organized:-)  I am the creative brain, who get distracted by all the pretty things and she really does keep me organized, and makes me remember I am there to order, handles my pre-orders, and writes up things that I point to and say "I like that"
I love our girl time together as we create, scrap and shop for awesome products for the store together!

Here are some fun pics from our weekend!

My sister LOVING her Clearsnap class goodies!
Liz from Tattered Angels was a real sweetie, she signed my book that she like my hair:-)

8 classes in 3 days was lots, but we had a FABULOUS time! Looking forward to next year!