Sunday, August 24, 2014

Project Life Recap - Part 2

If the idea of creating a family event (yearbook) or Project life photo pocket album intrigues you - I hope you had a chance to read Part 1 of our Project Life Recap:-)

Part 2 will take us through the months of March and April

March - Techniques we did with the Class Kit -
Used Dylusions sprays and masks
Work with Gesso
Create a 12x12 layout based on a sketch

Journaling prompt was  - Subway art inspiration- use it in a layout

Sample of my pages -
Once again - one of the reasons I LOVE scrapbooking this way - is important events - Like BIRTHDAYS, are scrapbooked right aways!! And since I printed the pictures for this ; I printed extras and did a 2 page layout for Aubrey's book at the same time!

Lots of pictures of the snow because this was the winter that never wanted to end!!

the page on the right here was the bonus page for March - the design is exactly opposite of the other style we use every month, allowing for your 4x6 photos to be portrait style and your 3x4's to be Landscape
Here I used the Gesso with the Tim Holtz star mask and threw a little bit of glitter on while it was still wet - it turned out great!

lots of dylusions mists, make a fun and colorful background

another reason I LOVE Project Life scrapbooking - Memorabilia!
I'm a keeper of "stuff" on this page I cut up Aubrey's paper which was 8.5x11 into a size that would work for my page (3 pockets) and also incorporated a Yellow slip ( in our school Yellow is awesome!) that Dain brought home one day

my take on the sketch - I incorporated my Subway style journaling by using a 4x6 card from the Simple Stories line Homespun.
Here is Nicole take on the same sketch - and she typed up her House Rules - so cute!

and she also loves to keep memorabilia - she just used an 8.5x11 page protector to hold her child's art!
Techniques- Wax Seals (this was fun and different, we encouraged to use it as a focal point)
Roller Stamps and brayers with paint
Stamping your own labels
And our writing Prompt was Song Lyrics:-)
Sometimes a Sing hits you. Hard.  There's just something about music. It evokes emotions and brings back memories.  These songs are on repeat in our head!  This time, I couldn't just keep some of those words in my head. I had to record them. I want to remember what they mean to me, why they are so important.
Here are my pages for the Month

my "LOVE" wax seal

Just the chorus of song lyrics that means something to me right now

I used the Studio Calico dot brayer to decorate my envelope

inside of it I printed out even more songs - including the one who's chorus I used for the page above - so many songs mean something!
used arrows to point to my kids because the pictures at their dance festival had bad lighting and were a little blurry:-(

our extra page this month was a 6x12 page protector - kind of fun to scrap both sides of a 6x12 - pretty easy:-)

and there it is - March and April all done - Memories documented!
Part 3 will be out shortly...
I hope you feel inspired!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Project Life Recap - our year so far! Part 1

So this year we decided to take Scrapbooking Project Life style in a whole new way at the store; we planned a monthly workshop - where anyone was welcome, we played around with a few techniques, we worked on the photos from the past month...and we were given a journaling prompt to take home!

Now this is a lot of planning and work, and I want to make sure you all know about the lovely Nicole Schuster - who plans out the techniques & journaling the ladies do each month!  She also teaches the monthly workshop in the Winnipeg store; while I (Sharon) take her notes and suggestions, and do my own take of the workshop here in Steinbach.

I wanted to post a bit about the workshop - and show you how Project Life or My Family Yearbook Scrapbooking works for me & works for many others!

There are 6 months of Project Life to cover, so I will give you the information as a bit of a series - Enjoy!

Staring 2014-
Intro Class we will sew words but will reflect their own color choices.
There is embossing with the versa pen, and doing work with paint pens...
Introduce the premise of class, what we will cover every month, show off Picasa & answer questions!

January Techniques
#1 writing on your photos

#2 making a word/shape out of a crocheted string

#3 punched and glittered snowflakes

#4 - make your own envelope - private journaling made pretty.

#5 make your own weekly marker

Nicole and the Wpg group did the above as 2 separate nights -
here is a sample of her opening page and her Jan techniques page.

In Steinbach we combined the 2 classes into was my take on Introduction and January!

We made an envelope to be the "home" for our Writing Prompt - Goodbye to 2013 & Hello to 2014 letter - this letter was in an envelope that way you could write something a little more personal if you wanted:-)
Next we choose our theme "word" for the year - a word we could reflect on time and time again - mine was "Balance" as this is something I need to work on all the time, so I wanted that reminder in my book!
I have to laugh though when thinking back to the class - and the looks I got from the ladies when I said we were going to sew on paper - some of them still tell me had they known, they would have chosen a shorter word!!

I celebrated my 40th Birthday in January - so I wanted to keep all my cards, a Project Life envelope was the perfect solution! They are organized and with my scrapbook, but I can look at them and read them again if I would like!
the smaller page to the right was in the kit, in addition to the regular Design A (4-4x6 & 4-3x4) page protector which will be our standard every month.
It was fun to fill the smaller pockets and tell a different story with the photos using this smaller one!

I used more pages than the kit had - but you will see in February; I used less! It's so great to have the versatility to scrap only the photos you like and you take in a month...and some month there will be more than others...and that's ok!
Here is February
Techniques we showed off -
#1 - Emboss Dabber & pen to make your own patterned paper
#2 - Fabric Bunting/Banner
#3 - Alcohol Inks - draw patterns or write
#4 - Wire shapes
Writing Prompt - Write a Love Letter
Here is Nicole's Prompt!

Write a Love Letter
For those of you who were in class last week, you will remember that I briefly talked about this. Writing a love letter. It’s harder than it sounds!
Think back to books and/or movies where the main characters wrote these amazing letters to each other, where that was the most common form of communication. Something that you would spend time and effort on.  This isn’t necessarily going to be fast. Mine is taking me forever.
Now, I mentioned the old books and movies, not because it has to be cheesy or long winded or filled with words like “thee” or “betrothed”. I mentioned them because they were filled with intention; they were not like an email or a text we would send these days. I would challenge you to spend time and energy and real thought on this letter.
As I said in class, this doesn’t have to be to your significant other. It could be to your child, a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a friend.  For those of you who are doing a vacation book, it could be a love letter to the place you travelled to. It doesn’t have to be romantic! It just to someone who you would say that you love. In whatever way that is!
I am still in the middle of writing mine, and I may come back and edit this prompt as I continue to work on my own, to add suggestions or helpful hints.
I wrote out a list of things to refer back to, so that when I get stuck, I can glance over and see if something jogs my memory. It’s just a list of words, but if I’m stuck, it sometimes gives me an idea of where I might want to go with my letter, what I might want to say next.



This is supposed to be a meaningful experience, and I hope for you that it is. Time to slow down and really think about what you’re writing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am.

Above I incorporated the Fabric Bunting technique into my Monthly page marker; and also used the embossing pen for the journal card that says "the 2 of you"

I did NOT take a lot of pics in February - strange but I decided to turn my monthly kit extra pages into a Who I Love page - filling it with photos of the people who I love and accenting it with the LOVE die-cut that came in the kit, and the little My Mind's Eye word stickers that were in the kit as well!

February done!
I hope you feel inspired!
I will post March and April shortly!!