Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time flies...

doesn't it though, every one of you who comes in the doors comments about time, we wish we had more of it, better quality time, we wish we could do more in the time we have...we are ALL busy, we all struggle, but as women we give and give and give some more, lets remember to take just a little time for ourselves. Whether it is joining a friend for coffee or going to Superstore (without kids) and take the time to look through pictures and decide what to print.  Magazines are great inspiration before you hit the "print shop" pick a sketch you like in a scrapbook magazine, mark it with a sticky note, on that note write which pics you would like to use ei-Ethan's B-Day party. Take it with you when you print your photos and as you look through the photos, you will be more likely to just print the ones you NEED. Then go through your paper stash at some point and find paper and embellishments, or start a list.  If you try to take these steps to do these "Pieces of your layout" you are taking "Bits" of time, the end result is when you actually have a few moments to do some scrapbooking, you are planned and ready, you just need to cut and paste (and that is awesome when you are trying to scrapbook at 10pm when you finally have a little time to yourself)...just make sure you have enough adhesive, as I do not have an emergency phone number:-)
A great magazine for sketches are Creating Keepsakes magazine - which we get new issues in the store monthly, we can gladly put one aside for you if interested.

Have a great day! I hope you take a "Little"time for yourself today!