Thursday, September 29, 2011

putting on baseboards and other fun stuff:-)

tonight, September 29th...and we are all moved in - NOT organized yet!! But moved in and it is a great feeling! Especially after last night where we worked till 1am, and we had our kids there...and they did not fall asleep there, we are the worst parents ever!!!!- oh well, we had to get everything prepped so we could move in today!!

  So I posted on Facebook, that I installed a toilet! You bet I did:-)  So last night, it was baseboards!!  Yep - we were supposed to pay big $$ to get them installed, so we bought the stuff and did it ourself - I tell you, if this scrapbooking thing doesn't work out for me, I think I might go and be a handyman of sorts:-)

ok - now you have to see this, our NEW sign & LOGO!!!!  I adore it:-)

right now there is a HUGE tree, kind of blocking the street view, I have talked to the city and hopefully it will be pruned asap, but in the meantime, just look for the pretty White brick building in amoung all the ugly brown ones on our block!

so we packed throughout the day, and then at 5pm - we locked the doors and it was MOVING TIME:-)

and with the help of Lorie, Pam, Shannon & Debbie (Cottage Girls) Deneen, Candace & My hubby Mark...oh yeah and these crazy guys
Mitch, Colton & Matt - your Steinbach Pistons!

we got EVERYTHING there in about 3.5 hours!!!!  That is sooo awesome!!

seriously, who orders all this stuff???

now tomorrow, we get to make it pretty for all of you!  

See you Sat!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

almost there...

this has been a whirlwind of a week, moving day is Friday all day so both stores are closed!!  Here is some of the action this week:-)

 Don't you LOVE the new cash desk:-)

 "good-bye sign!!"

 KP Projects did alot of the heavy duty work for me, when I asked if they were okay with me taking a picture they said "Which view?" - I said the ladies would appreciate the "Rear one:-)"  Anyways, this sign is now on the back wall, by the back entrance of our new store!
 Packing up the back room!!! Yep - LOTS of stuff!!

a little sneak peek of some of the fun - that will be on display at the new store!!!

that's it for now, just a quick post because I need to sleep a little:-)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

another update...

well we have spent many an evening at the space, the kids are getting really great at entertaining themselves as Mark and I work...
this is Dain pretending he is in a hamster wheel, using the wrapping from the ceiling tiles:-)
Here are a few more pics of where we are at!
 The new siding and back entrance area from the outside...looking good!
 the new back door-inside view
 Aubrey took this pic of Daddy still working hard on that ceiling
 This is the bathroom, after the toilet and sink came out, ugly blue tile is out... wall covering going in and it's going to be the color...stay tuned:-)
 starting with the pretty stuff - I am IN LOVE with this wall paper!!!

once again my mommy, queen of wallpapering did pretty much all the work...see she is working so hard she does not even have time to smile for photos:-)

that's pretty much the latest... lighting panels also went in today, the bathroom is ready to be painted tomorrow, the outside will hopefully be finished on Thursday, the sign has been sent in for the final proof, 
the space pretty much only needs a little more that back door, a little more wall paper, and then next week is moving time already!!! I can't believe it - we are almost there!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

a few more pics of the space:-)

Here is the wall that was put in - as I referred to in my last post, this room was initally open/part of main area, however this is now the office/storage area.

 This is the bathroom...definitely will be the "before" photo...obviously we have not tackled this yet!

 piles of tiles for my new ceiling:-)

 Dain was super-helpful tonight, vacuuming:-)
 I honestly think the song "anything you can do I can do better" - is on repeat in Aubrey's she had to help her brother!
slatwall!! Starting to look like a retail space!!
 This large hole in the wall is what I saw on Friday morning...old back doors came one is going in this week:-)

This is the back of the building - "Before"photo taken on Friday once already looks different! Yipee!!
glad they fixed that hole in the wall... this is the "temporary" fix till that door comes in - hopefully by Wed!

well there you have it - still a few more things to do to the structure, before I can go in and make it pretty, but we're getting there!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labour day...and we laboured a little:-)

well I took tape and stickers of all of the gorgeous windows out front, it took about 2 hours and a half bottle of goo-gone, but they look sooo much pictures though, because seriously, I am not sure if it was that exciting.  But we did do something super-fun...we Wallpapered the ceiling!  Yep - good ol' Martha Stewart and her crazy ideas - but I needed a solution that was cost effective, and easy for me to do for above the Cash desk (it was the only place that did not have the suspended ceiling, and had old tiles that were quite an eyesore...I looked into paintable ceiling tiles, they = manual labour, and were quite expensive for a little I went to good ol' Rona (seriously spending a TONNE of time there these days:-)

  see old to new...sooo much better...will look even better when it gets painted later on in the week:-)

my mom - she was awesome help, and she loves to wallpaper...bonus!!

Yeah!!! All done!!

Till next time, Thanks soooo much for all your well wishes and that you are all getting so excited too!! It is awesome to share this journey with you all:-)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

okay - so will I find time to scrapbook this month???

read previous post!!! We are opening a new store, moving into it and there is LOTS to do!! Oh yeah and there is the Fall Creative Gathering to prep for...oh and maybe something else in the works I cannot share with you yet...but soon:-) I am seriously a little cookoo!!  But I know you will all put up with me, and irregular blog posts and everything else, and I will need LOTS of coffee to get through, so I take my coffee with 2 cream, thank you very much:-)
Anyways.... here are some fun summer pages I did recently in a Class in Red Lake, both layouts were using sketches that I got off of this website  Inspired Blueprints  which I found out about from the lovely Tanya Dery:-)

 This layout is working off a sketch that Tanya did a class on at our last Creative Gathering - I used the fun "Sew Easy" tool to create the stitched banner on the side of the page:-)  Paper is from Hey Sunshine by My Mind's Eye.

Using the leftover diecuts from the above layout, and a little more paper from the same line, and another awesome sketch from the site above, I came up with this layout too!

I encourage you to visit the site if you are just looking for a little inspiration to get you going!


Friday, September 2, 2011

day 2...still tearing it apart:-)

Mark took the day off, the kids and I pitched in (hey the kids will work for a slurpee so their child labor works for us!!)  and here is a few pics of what we did today!!

 Dain was a HUGE help today, from carrying tiles for dad, to loading garbage on the truck!
 look at those little muscles:-)

 the crazy bulkhead was knocked out today!
 The painter, Sandee said to Aubrey she needed to be in the picture to make it look like she was doing all the painting!  Aubrey LOVED pretending...though she did paint a little!!

 it's looking good!!  the top will be painted tomorrow!!

 yep - still painting!  too fun!!
 yanking out the ceiling tiles - so we can put in LOTS of Great lighting for our Crop/Class area:-)

so cool to see it happen... I forgot to include a photo of the new wall, I will have to do that in the next post!

have a great night!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exciting News to share...

Here is a quote this week that definitely applies to my life in this moment!
"look for the dream that keeps coming back. it is your destiny."
I love what I do, and I truly hope it shows, I find such reward in discussing your projects, your triumphs, your struggles, your goals whether they are scrapbooking or many great things, sharing ideas, sharing inspiration....I am truly living my dream:-) and I want to thank you all for that! 
I believe in God and Jesus is Lord of my life, and I believe so strongly that he is in control of my life and has blessed me with a great opportunity to serve you all while I serve him...this being said he has provided an AMAZING Opportunity for the store that I want to share with you tonight!!!
Yep, this is me holding the key to the NEW Scrapbook Cottage store!!!!
The store will have a new home with our Grand Opening being Oct 1, 2011.
We have purchased a building for the store and will be moving to 363 Main Street in Steinbach:-)
So here is the deal, we currently lease a space, the lease is up on Sept 30th, even though we moved to this current space back in Dec, I still found the size challenging - ESPECIALLY when we offer classes. The classes are full, and when there is a class, it is quite difficult for the regular customer to wander around the store and enjoy their shopping experience.
So we (my wonderful and supportive hubby Mark & I) looked at this space back in June, and then just discussed it and prayed about it for the summer, we just really wanted to make sure it was the right thing to do.
We took possession of the store today, and I FEEL WONDERFUL about the decision, and I am sooo excited to share this next phase of this journey with you all!!
Here are some pics of the outside, as of today -  

 ugly right:-)
the painter will take care of that starting tomorrow!!
Here are some pics of the inside as of today - 

 I checked in at the end of the day and it already looked different (KP Projects got to working as soon as I showed up with that key!!)...I am so excited to share these pictures with you and I will post more as the month goes on...
Thanks to you, all my loyal Scrapbooking friends & Customers, because of you, the great things you say about the store, the awesome way to tell others about The Scrapbook Cottage, we can take the store from where it is now to this whole new place! I will share more with you in the weeks to come!
I am so inspired by you all - Thank you!!