Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December projects - 25 days

I wanted to make an album to document/celebrate the days in Dec leading up to Christmas. I am very inspired by Ali Edwards- Dec daily albums. Though mine is not as elaborate as hers, it just shows once again, share you ideas, inspire others and get inspired yourself.
All items are in the stock right now, both online and at the "Cottage"
Mistletoe & Co - patterned paper, Rub-ons, Die-Cut package, Clear Borderline Stickers

Photos of the project and each page are here-
Cover-Making Memories Album - 6x9, Fancy Pants Die-cut
& Thickers from American Crafts

Page 1- Maya Road Envelope, Rub-on
  Page 2-Die-cuts, Patterned Paper

Page 3-Die-cut sheet, patterned paper
Page 4-Cardstock, sticker, Corrugated paper pocket sewed on. Die-cut patterned paper in pocket
Page 5-Patterned paper, sticker
Page 6-Cardstock & patterned paper
Page 7- Cardstock & Rub-ons
Page 8- Maya Road envelope, patterned paper
Page 9-Cardstock, die-cut sheet and die-cut circle
Page 10-Cardstock & patterned paper and die-cuts
Page 11-Patterned paper and die-cuts
Page 12  - Patterned paper & die-cut sheet
Page 13- Patterned paper & Die-cuts
Page 14 - Cardstock & patterned paper & Rub-on
Page 15- Cardstock, sticker and patterned paper
Page 16- Cardstock, sticker and patterned paper
Page 17 - Cardstock, patterned paper, rub-on & die-cut sheet
Page 18 - Patterned paper, corrugated cardstock and die-cut sheet
Page 18-Patterned paper, die-cut sheet and die-cut circle
Page 19-Cardstock, patterned paper, die-cut
Page 20-Corrugated cardstock and die-cut
Page 21-Patterned paper, Rub-ons and die-cut sheet
Page 22-Cardstock, Die-cut sheet, rub-on and die-cut
Page 23 - Cardstock, clear sticker and die-cut sheet (stapled like a tab, wrapped around to the other side for page 24) 
Page 24 - Cardstock, die-cut sheet, stickers (to cover up staples)
Page 25-Cardstock, sticker, die-cut sheet and die-cuts
Back cover - simple just with the year. 

The plan is to add a photo a day, or journalling on the die-cut sheets, I have brads, and canvas tags left over from this line if I need a few more accents. I wanted to keep it pretty but not overdone, I want to keep the photo's manageable, after all it is about the memories!
If this book intrigues you and you want to do what I did, I will gladly help you out!
Happy Scrappin'