Tuesday, September 20, 2011

another update...

well we have spent many an evening at the space, the kids are getting really great at entertaining themselves as Mark and I work...
this is Dain pretending he is in a hamster wheel, using the wrapping from the ceiling tiles:-)
Here are a few more pics of where we are at!
 The new siding and back entrance area from the outside...looking good!
 the new back door-inside view
 Aubrey took this pic of Daddy still working hard on that ceiling
 This is the bathroom, after the toilet and sink came out, ugly blue tile is out... wall covering going in and it's going to be the color...stay tuned:-)
 starting with the pretty stuff - I am IN LOVE with this wall paper!!!

once again my mommy, queen of wallpapering did pretty much all the work...see she is working so hard she does not even have time to smile for photos:-)

that's pretty much the latest... lighting panels also went in today, the bathroom is ready to be painted tomorrow, the outside will hopefully be finished on Thursday, the sign has been sent in for the final proof, 
the space pretty much only needs a little more paint...like that back door, a little more wall paper, and then next week is moving time already!!! I can't believe it - we are almost there!!


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  1. yeahhh..wow sharon..lucky you having all your family helping and being a constant part of this new venture..a family memory for sure..i can't wait..saving my bingo winnings for your new store..lolol..loves ya