Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labour day...and we laboured a little:-)

well I took tape and stickers of all of the gorgeous windows out front, it took about 2 hours and a half bottle of goo-gone, but they look sooo much better...no pictures though, because seriously, I am not sure if it was that exciting.  But we did do something super-fun...we Wallpapered the ceiling!  Yep - good ol' Martha Stewart and her crazy ideas - but I needed a solution that was cost effective, and easy for me to do for above the Cash desk (it was the only place that did not have the suspended ceiling, and had old tiles that were quite an eyesore...I looked into paintable ceiling tiles, they = manual labour, and were quite expensive for a little area...so I went to good ol' Rona (seriously spending a TONNE of time there these days:-)

  see old to new...sooo much better...will look even better when it gets painted later on in the week:-)

my mom - she was awesome help, and she loves to wallpaper...bonus!!

Yeah!!! All done!!

Till next time, Thanks soooo much for all your well wishes and that you are all getting so excited too!! It is awesome to share this journey with you all:-)


  1. ahhh love your mom...how lucky you are to have her share with you (altho it is work)..lol..a family that works together..stays together..lol..tfs my friend..so exciting to follow you on this wonderful venture..loves ya

  2. oh Gail, thanks so much for all the encouragement, my mom is awesome and will be wallpapering some more!!! Just stay tuned:-) Love you too!!

  3. It looks way brighter already Sharon. Great job. Your mom's the best :)