Friday, August 20, 2010

Travel Mini Album

ok so I am going to try blogging with a 3 year old on my lap trying to wrap up my arms with a measuring tape! So I will talk about Little Yellow Bicycle again, I wanted to play with their travel line called - "Pack your Bags", the colors and patterns a so nice, great light blues, navy, greens and coffee &chocolate browns. The one side is printed with something distictively travel orientated, the other side is a really nice masculine pattern (this paper would work great for boy pages!)
My initial thought was to create a mini-book with it - so I grabbed some bazzill 12x12 chipboard and cut it in half so I have 2-6x12 pieces.
I then grabbed the line and took it to the cardstock and choose some complimentary colors I decided my album should have 9 pages, so I knew I had to have 22 pieces of paper inthe 6x12 sizes (4 for covers and another 18 for inner pages as I would be gluing 2 sides together to give the pages more stability.)
The album was completed in a short time, I even added stickers and other great embellishments from the line to the corners, or top/bottom of pages, as to not interfere with any photos I might add later...when I mentioned to my sister this cute little album I made up, and did not know which pictures to use - she said add our Minneapolis pics! Awesome idea Jen,  here is the album - almost complete (I needed to print a few more pics!)

a little memento from a fun weekend:-)

 I just want to talk about these new metal corners from 7Gypsies, they are my favorite thing right now!
You take the edge and put it onto your chipboard project- flip the chipboard upside down  with the metal edge sticking up on the inside of your project. Take a hammer and tap the edges down until the metal fits the corner snugly.  ***Tip, hammer the edge on a self healing mat or something with a bit of give so the outside edge stays smooth. Oh and the keys, I tied them from a piece of hemp and have them hanging off of one of the binder rings on the album - see close-up of the cover photo.

these tear-out tickets were also alot of fun to use, when you tear them the edge stays perforated, giving them a slightly distressed look - I will use these for projects other than travel for sure!
I hope you will be inspired to scrap your summer travels, whether it is a holiday, weekend away or picnic at the local park - your memories are soo with documenting:-)


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