Tuesday, December 13, 2011

seriously falling behind...

so the goal was a documenting December...I can't even seem to do that!! The book is at this point -
the plan is to use, kraft cardstock - leftover journal covers from a journal class I did in Nov...

 30 journals - for 30 amazing Moms at my church:-)

- Lily Bee alphabets, Doodlebug stickers and a Doodle pop elf (front cover I think) - patterned paper from Bella Blvd - some ribbon...

I went with a 6x9 size - as that was the size of the journal covers, I did cut some 6x8 pages and a few 4x6 pages...turned some into pockets using sookwang tape - oh and I see now a little bit of Crate C-mas paper,is all cut up too - so I will be using that as well...as for accents/embellishments...not sure yet - I will see what is in my stash to use as I go along:-)

tonight I finally started to print some photos - once again, soo happy with my Canon Pixma 4600 series printer, awesome color on photos...I will say though I always read that you should use the photo paper by the same manufacturer as the printer - which I have been doing religiously...then I picked up a package of Epson photo paper in the 4x6 size because it was a super great deal, and oh my word - the QUALITY is AMAZING!!! I am a convert - the paper was thicker and just felt like a better quality photo, and the canon ink printed very well on it.

I placed the photos in the book, but did not adhere future pages yet...might change a photo size or paper as I go along - but for now everything is in order up until todays date...
at this point it was only 9pm - the night is still young soooo I began to play:-)

 Cover :-)

 the kids get 2 calendars - in the morning they open the Kinder surprise one from Grandma and Grandpa - in the eve they open the Karen Foster little drawers that I carried in the store...I need to take a pic of calendars to add to a future page!

 documenting the Winnipeg Grand Opening:-)

 We have an AMAZING group of friends - and we always celebrate Christmas with a turkey dinner, early in December - we take turns every year - the host makes the turkey & potatoes and everyone else brings everything else - all of our kiddies just LOVE celebrating too!!  This year - we went on a sleigh ride before supper, VERY cold but fun all the same:-)

are you documenting your Dec???

I hope you feel inspired!

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  1. I think I am going to join your church ... a bit of a commute but it looks like it would be worth it!