Tuesday, December 27, 2011

catch up and a gift:-)

hi all, here's hoping you had a Wonderful Christmas:-) We sure did at our house, Santa came to visit - we enjoyed great food, I loved it that it was not so cold...all it all it was a nice holiday...and when this particular holiday is over, I feel like ORGANIZING!!! So scrapbook room was cleaned up (TRUST me - it needed it) We traded out a piece of furniture upstairs, and organized the kids movies...I guess they just don't know how to put them back in a case!!! Seriously, they were ALL out of their cases!! Mark cleaned up his side of the closet (now I look like a total pig...I guess that is tomorrows job:-)...something about bringing that stuff in makes me want to get rid of stuff, and organize more stuff...feeling the same way???  
Then there was finding time to play catch up...with my creating, so here are a few more pages in the Dec Daily:-)

still following the same principle of just documenting photos, not each and every day...some days have more, some days have none, and I am ok with that...as with any mini book, I work on each page, put it together and then do my final "Embellishments, details & journaling"  I kind of need to see the BIG picture before I totally am completed with a project...so these pages will probably all get a little something "Extra" by the time I am through....

That being said, I would be further along in this book if I had not decided to do another project...but what a fun Project it was!!  Tannis Drobot - who teaches at the store quite alot, came up with and taught a Flip Album recently...this class was a hit and people LOVED it...

I never took this wonderful class, but figured I could just 'figure" it out...so here is a small peak of what I came up with...

I will post a description of what I did and photos of each page shortly....I gotta go to bed so I have energy for our After Christmas sale in the WPG store tomorrow:-)  25% off the whole store:-)

p.s. will also post those recipes I promised shortly as well...there just is not enough time in a day!!

good night,
I hope you feel inspired!!

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