Wednesday, December 7, 2011

inspiration comes from many places...

and does not always pertain to paper either!  When I have time, I like to dabble in all sorts of things, I always say if I would let myself I would be a "collector"of fabric - oooo all the lovely colors and patterns - I just love it!  And then flowers, I love those soo much (lucky for me my hubby knows that and get I blessed with them every so often)...and then there is decorating for Christmas!  I will be honest with you, I used to LOVE it!! Before kids, Mark and I would put lights all over the house inside and outside, I would do something different with lights, garland, wreaths and more every holiday season!  and then kids came along...and I will be honest with you, I just didn't have the time, or the energy to add decorating to the list on top of babies, diapers and more! I felt very overwhelmed with everything - I simply could not decorate and enjoy the same way I did.

Well it's good that life has it's seasons, and that as your family grows and changes, your energy and time changes with it.  This year, really for the 1st time in a long time, I felt like doing more than just putting up a tree in the house...In Nov I picked up the Christmas issue of Style at Home magazine and it had such lovely pictures in it...I was inspired, totally!  So on Monday morning, I headed over to Oakridge greenhouse and started to look around for some items to do up a few Holiday arrangements!
Seriously, fall has been pretty busy for me, so this is what they looked like before I started -

yes - they looked terrible, I had not even pulled out the dead flowers!! I am soo ashamed:-(

Anyways that was all about to change - with this bag of goodies!
now the red berries were from a past Christmas, the poplar branches, were from a floral arrangement I received in the past - I love to keep special things and "recycle" them in a new way.
So after some arranging and playing this is what I came up with!

the "after" shot of my front entrace...

I totally feel like this is soo much more of a representation of me and my family,
and it really was soo fun to do!
Thanks for taking this little journey of "no paper" with me today (there is a fabric ribbon around the one planter though!)

I hope you feel inspired!

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  1. Very Cool Sharon, glad you're finding your holiday decorating gumption return after having kids, it can take a few years! These arrangements are beautiful, job well done I'd say! :o)