Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Grand Opening:-)

What an amazing day - the day you all got to see the store we worked so hard on... A HUGE thank you to all of you who came out on Saturday!!! What a fun day and my heart was sooo full with joy and love for all of you and it was just awesome to see how excited you all were to see the store:-)  I think it was a mixture of that love and pure exhaustion that had me close to tears many times throughout the day...  But I truly feel that is beautiful place is for all of you - so many of you come to the shop to relax and chat and get your creative juices flowing - this space is meant to do just that for you!  Enjoy:-)

Here are some pics of some of the action, and of our Beautiful new store!
 Yes - I did wear an outfit to match the store for opening day!!

this is the "rest of the story" from yesterdays blog post...Warren the MTS guy came to my rescue, he showed up at 8am, and we were up and running by about 9:45am...seriously 15 mins for we opened the doors - now that was cutting it close!!!

 all the lovely ladies waiting to take advantage of our Doorcrasher specials!!

 they are all looking for those deals!

 Cottage Girls - Pam & Lori were my Make n' take ladies!! Everyone loved our huge class area!

 more make n' take action:-)

 Cookies & Coffee for everyone:-)

 ladies looking at product and checking everything out!

 would you like a meter of ribbon Candace?? thanks for snapping this pic Alanna!

 Bonita snatched my camera to take this pic of me and Cottage Girl Marilyn

 do you sell albums...why yes we do!

 lots of room to shop and look around!

 I cannot believe how many ladies came to see us!!! And they all had lots of space to look around:-)

 some of the GORGEOUS flower arrangements from customers and friends!!! Thank you!!!

 Meet Millie!  She is all dressed up to match the decor in the store!

 gorgeous tissue paper flowers lovingly made by my friend Sherri

 the punches and patterned paper...

 lovely racks of new product'''

the kids - one more look at our old space, they were cheering "yeah for the bigger store"

it was great to go in one last time, to smile and say thank you to the space that was so special for so long - back to the mall where so many of you found us... 
We are about documenting memories, and encouraging you to do so, thanks for creating so many memories with us in the old place...we truly look forward to making many more with you in the new store!!


  1. Sharon your store is am-az-ing!!!..i love every inch of it..can't wait to get there again....i know you were so pooped..but as always a gracious host..and your bubby self never lets me down..hugs my friend,....loves ya

  2. Sharon! I just read the marathon of posts since I last visited. The place looks fab-u-lous, and HUGE! So glad Grand Opening was a resounding success for you. Looks like you had a lot of action going on. I can't wait to come and see you there. Even though my wallet is grimacing, lol. Thanks so much for linking my blog to your post too. It was special to be a part of it, no matter how small it was. Hugs to you. See you on Friday, yay!