Friday, May 20, 2011

Disney Fun:-)

so from May 7th-the 14th we were in the Wonderful World of Disney - we took our Daughter who turned 4 in March - for the 1st time:-)  Dain and I have been there the same number of times before,this was our 3rd!!
Well she is a girl who LOVES to nap, so I knew it would be a little challenging, but she did just fine - we have at least 1 MAJOR meltdown a day...but I was expecting that! And besides the fact that she got "Pink-eye" while we were there, we had an amazing time! Here are just a few snapshots of our adventures... (all off of my Cyber-shot as I broke the lens off of my NIKON the day after we got home!!) 

 Looks like I need to do another album:-) Aubrey is so funny though, in preparation for this trip she repeatedly looked at the album from Dain's 1st time going, and she asked me "mommy will I be in the pictures next time?" that is just the sweetest thing! She she already picked her Disney album - it's Blue (her favorite color right now)

and she has been picking stickers as they come into the store...I guess I better get started!
here are 2 more pics...

these will definitely make it onto a page and I already know what it will say

 "there is tired...and then there is Disney-tired"

I hope you feel inspired!

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