Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick & Easy...

are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of photos you take and the lack of time you have to scrapbook them? I want to introduce you to these awesome page protectors from WeRMemory Keepers
They are a mixed package of divided page protectors, made to mostly fit your 4x6 photos, each slot has an opening that allows you to put in a photo towards to front of the page protector & slide one in behind it so it faces the other side, allowing you to put over 80 photos in one Multipack. There is 1-12x12 protector, so that allows for a title page or really special photo(s) to stand out.
Step 1 - organize your photos according to date (if you are a chronological scrapbooker) or event, or just in any order that you like.
Step 2- take a closer look at your photos - how many are landscape(4inches highx 6 inches wide) and how many are portrait(6inches highx 4inches wide)
Step3 - according to your photo needs, choose the page protector out of the multipack and start inserting your photos.
Step 4 - don't fill every spot:-) leave some of the spaces for adding patterned paper, journal spots, stickers and other embellishments - keep in mind if you use double sided paper, you can put one piece in the slot and it will look different on both sides of the page protector:-)
Step 5 - be amazed at how quickly you scrapped an event, a vacation or just got some photos into an album!!!

I take a tonne of pics, and I also have the opportunity to scrap alot of them, however I love to Scrap my favorites or do a mini book with the really special ones, but this allows me to put the rest of my photos into an album, still feeds that need to pretty it up with scrappin supplies - and the photos can be looked at!

Here is a sample of what I did with a bunch of summer pics from 2009-

 I did not use them all (missing 1) and look at ALL the photos I scrapped.  The organization of the photos takes the longest, but once you are done that part - you will just zip along!

So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the projects vs time ratio, I would encourage you to try one of the packages of divided page protectors. (They come in many different styles)
***I used Cosmo Cricket "Garden Variety" paper line, Scenic route journal stickers, buttons, ribbon & flowers-misc, Jillibean yellow letter stickers

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