Saturday, September 25, 2010

getting ready for our Fall Event!

twice a year - here at the store we host an event called a Creative Gathering - which is basically a get together for people who love this hobby to have fun and create! IT also takes ALOT of time and planning - so I apologize for not posting - between family this event and the store - my time is taken up & my brain is full!

but here is a cute story and project:-)

I have a customer who is a young man - he comes in every once in a while and picks up a kit I have made up, or gets me to help him out as he makes a project for his girlfriend - well he came in again about a week ago and asked if I could help him out - he wanted a album of photos - but also wanted it to "not have glue all over the place" were his words exactly. The reason for the project...he wanted to propose - well I normally do NOT do custom work, but seriously I could not say no-he is such a cutie-patootie. So I asked about the timeline - Wed night...and this was Monday... and he had not printed pictures yet!!!  So I showed him a couple of things in the store and with the instructions "she likes vintage and does not like pink" and a really tight timeline (by the time he brought me pics it was Tuesday) here is what I came up with:-)

Using The LOST and Found line from My Mind's Eye - lots of distress ink and some 7Gypsies and Tim Holz embellishments...

 I told him to scan in the grad photo and change to sepia - and I put a bunch of other photos of the 2 of them in the Maya Road envelope. 
I added this blank tag inside the back cover so he could add a note -  I had also had him write some personal stuff to her - so he wrote a "10 reasons I want to marry you" & a "favorite memories" list - which I just retyped and distressed to suit the album...

I haven't heard back for sure - but he seemed pretty confident she would say yes:-)


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