Saturday, September 4, 2010

from a 5 year olds point of view...

I own a Nikon D60, which I love:-) it takes great photos and it is one of my favorite tools for Scrapbooking, so it makes me a little nervous when my son asked if he could "just take a few pictures mom" - so I handed it over, making sure the strap was securely around his neck... here are a few pics he took!

great action shots Dain! These pics are of his friends Logan & Grayson who came over to jump on the trampoline!

I have a soft spot for this one he took of me:-)
and Aubrey and I on the trampoline - she did NOT want to be in any pictures!!!
I will not hesitate to hand over the camera next time he asks, I could not believe it when I saw the pics!
Now to scrap them:-)


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