Sunday, January 13, 2013

CHA bound!

soo at 4 am this morning I woke up (after only getting to bed at 1am!!!) - did a quick hair and make-up job and left for the Wpg Airport!

as you can PLAINLY see - I am the only one up at this unearthly hour!!
(I was on the side of the road when I took this photo:-)

Then off to Edmonton - where I was meeting up with 2 LOVELY ladies, Trudy & Bev - as we would be going together...then up in the air again - check out this view!!

And we fly to sunny skies in Anaheim - sunny skies but it's a little cool right now - jackets will be a requirement!!
walked over to the Convention center to pick up our badges - then to eat!!! It was 3 at this point and all I had till now was a muffin and some nuts (and LOTS of coffee)!!
I did not take a pic of my food - I was too famished:-)
Then we decided to head over to Downtown Disney for a little sightseeing & shopping (I got the CUTEST dress ever!!)!


I will post LOTS of pics from the show tomorrow - now I have to do a bit of last minute prep for ordering & get more than 3 hours sleep tonight!!

Good night:-)

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