Tuesday, May 8, 2012

more fun events!!

so here are some more fun things we did this month...

we were in Brandon for their Charity crop the last weekend in April - lots of fun:-),  this is what our booth looked like!  I did have a larger sign for the booth made, but it was just on paper and I really did not like it, but our little signs and label signs were all created and hand-drawn by Tish - our Wpg Cottage girl:-)  thanks Tish!!  We met many great ladies, alot of which had never even heard of us - I just LOVE to tell ladies about our great little store.

On a sadder note, Scrapbooking by Design is closing it's doors after MANY years of faithful service to you all here in Winnipeg.  We wish Nicole well as she creates a new vision for her store!

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  1. Looks like a good booth!!! I can't believe Scrapbooking by Design is closing...didn't she just buy it:( so sad!!! My dream is too one day own my own store.