Tuesday, May 8, 2012


ok- so after MANY faithful years with my old cell phone, I updated and became part of the iPhone generation, seriously soooooo fun!! I just love it!! Definitely my favorite app is one of 2 - 1st the title of this post...Instagram .... I just LOVE the cool effects I can give to my photos with this feature,
here are some silly ones:-)
 my wonderful nephew Ethan (who also recently turned 12 and can now babysit! Yipee!!)
 yours truly:-)

 my kiddos- lovin the retro feel of the photo with that car in the background

 always crazy, yes Dain did have chopsticks while eating pizza...

kind of dark but I like it...

definitely the ones I like the best have either the Rise feature or the Amaro or X-pro II,
Do you have Instagram or another photo feature app on your phone, I would love to hear about it:-)

Another App I like alot is "Photo365"  
I like this App because it really makes taking a photo a day easy, it brings up the month and the day for you, you just choose to snap a photo when you open the app, or choose a photo from your library if you have already taken a few...and it pops it into the date for you.
You are all organized with your photo a day, all you have to do is remember to take the photo...and you can send yourself a reminder for that:-)

those are 2 that I love, please share if you have something on your phone to make documenting your life nice and easy!

I hope you feel inspired,

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