Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disney the making!

working on a Disney scrapbook - I did not even scrapbook our last trip...and we went again, now I bet that sounds familiar!! So following my own Mantra - Scrapbook the current photos in your life...I am starting my Disney book.
First off I thought I would scrapbook it a little differently - so I started a mini smash book on the trip- in it I did some journaling, I kept all our receipts, leftover fast passes, tickets, wristbands and all sorts of collectibles from our trip - the smash stick journal pen with the glue stick end is sooo fabulous for this purpose, the other reason I love just using a glue stick is that you can "lightly tack" things in, making them easy to pull out when you are ready to transfer to your pages. I lose paper, so this method of tacking items into something, even temporarily really works for me!!
I then choose my album for the trip!

SMASH FOLIO POCKETS - 13.5" X 11.75" - FITS 8.5 X 11 PAPER

  this book is HUGE - what I love about it is the little bags, folders, pockets etc that are attached right to the spiral binding!

Now when doing a Mini album (as that is kind of what this is, even though it is not mini in size) I generally organize my stack of photos 1st

 so I started to plan my album pages - chronologically according to date and event - and started with just tucking the photos into the pages, one after another. Once I planned photos for about 4 pages, I went back to page 1 and trimmed photos as necessary, and then started to adhere them to the pages.

 I thought this "What UP?" page was the perfect beginning as the photos are from the airport and on the plane when we are "up" in the air.

I will show you a few more pics of photo placement - now keeping in mind that at this point I am just organizing the photos, adding a little patterned paper on some pages, and sticking down those photos...when I work on any sort of mini album, I leave my embellishments until the end - so these pages will all look different when I do my finishing touches, which I will show off in a future post.

the next page is a pocket page - so I thought I would use this for all my Blizzard beach photos - so I first added a little bit of tropical paper from the Summer Soul line from Fancy Pants 
the pocket itself looked nice and "beachy" already...
I decided to lay out the photos and then figure out how to get them all into 2 pages and a folder,
the folder pocket holds 8.5x11 paper, so I will do some layouts with my extra photos,
here is the photo with the folder

ok - more to come & I will get working to show it to you!!

I hope you feel inspired!

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  1. lol, I've been 3 times in 6 years and not one of my albums are completed....we're planning our next trip in 2013 and the SMASH book is such a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing:)