Sunday, November 6, 2011

and I thought I was busy getting the Steinbach store ready!!

I am sure life is busy for all of you too - and I know you know how I feel just a little, but I have to say - these last few weeks have been even to busy to post anything!!! That being said, I have not done that much "Cosmetically" to the space, but it is more the phone calls, arranging things, setting up stuff, interviews and more that just take time.  I am SOOOO thankful to my Steinbach "Cottage Girls" for holding up and taking care of the store while I am running around, and to my instructors who keep on teaching even though I leave them with 3 Vintage photo ink pads when they would have liked 6 for a class (wink, wink Tannis!!) but that being said it is going great!

The space did not need alot, just some paint...and then Kathy and I took a closer look, we needed to clean, clean, stuff, seriously - even just stocking a cash desk = a HUGE trip to Dollarama!!
  The floor in the classroom looked pathetic!
so we headed over to Home Depot to look for a quick fix....Stick on Tile was the answer...and then we brought it back to the store and started that project when we realized our math skills were less that perfect, and the solution that we thought would cost $100, was going to cost closer to $ after phoning around, Epoxy paint was the answer - and here is kind of how the beginning of it looked! -

it's glossy - it's black and AMAZING!!!!  and see - the gorgeous wallpaper has a home in this store too!!!
As for all the other goodies - more pictures will be posted but here is a peek of it right now, with some of the racking - it is actually starting to look like a real store:-)

we will be loading it up with product this week....hoping for this Saturday to be our open day!!! - But will post it, send out a newletter and put it on Facebook if that  is what stay tuned:-)

Here is just one more fun picture of the day we got the stock to stock the new store - only 78 boxes of product/racking...Our Purolator guy said it was his biggest order to one spot on his route ever!!

Here's to another crazy week!!!


  1. I think a vacation is in order as soon as the store is up and running :) You have worked your tushie off young lady. We can't wait to start spending $$ in Winnipeg.

  2. yep - that is super exciting Sharon!! Very excited to see the new store!

  3. can't wait sharoon my dear..a lunch and shop is already planned for a few of us..just waiting for the green light to ya..and sure miss my ((((((hugs))))))

  4. Well ... all I can say is that it is going to be amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing.

  5. Hey all I can say is thanks for leaving those three! :)
    The store looked fantastic when Tamara and I saw it and I know its going to be a huge success like the original Scrapbook Cottage!