Thursday, July 14, 2011


well I guess I kind of am - and here is proof as I was caught in the act!!

this layout has a little the Fall Crop, I had walked by our beautiful "Wall of samples" Friday night many, many times. But then on Saturday morning, before anyone else had even arrived I took a closer look, just to admire all our designers great work...and then I saw this layout - I was shocked!  I was even brought to tears wondering who could have done it???  Well when Marilyn had arrived I asked her, she said my wonderful Mother-in-law Marlene had done it, and when Marilyn had seen it, she thought it was great and we needed to add it to the wall.  They wanted to see if I would notice - and I did. And my heart just smiled as this layout is really so me, I am not often in the photo, but can always be seen with a camera in hand.

                                                       I hope you feel inspired today!

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