Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the night before Dec 1...

got the camera ready and battery charged up to start taking Dec daily pics...check:-)
filled the advent calendars with treats till at least day 5....check (I scammed some leftover halloween candy to fill up the boxes - I promise to get other treats by day 5:-)
clean up my entrance-way so the drywall guys can actually come in the front door tomorrow to head into the basement to start taping tomorrow am...check:-)
did not touch the C-mas tree as per my hubbys request - you see the kids decorated it this year, so all the ornaments are on the right side and are all positioned in the one area till the halfway point of the tree (as that is as far as they could reach)  I want to "fix" it so bad, but Mark wants me to leave it.... so check...for now:-)

It looks much better when the room is dark and all you see are the lights...
(and yes - I will put the curtain back up over the window, I hung a new curtain rod, and did not have the right size drywall anchors so basically everything pulled out of the wall on Sunday, so I bought new anchors, puttied up the holes, screwed in the curtain rod anchors and did not get to putting up the curtain yet)

the house is quiet by 9:00pm so I can work on a quick project.....:-) check:-):-):-)have a great night:-)


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