Thursday, March 18, 2010

weekend away....

so we survived the Creative Gathering - I will post pics at some point either here or the website, but I had to have other take pics because I was tooo busy running around all weekend!!!  which in a way is probably good because I have "misplaced" my camera!!!  I am a little stressed about it too, I NEED my camera - don't get me wrong, I have a great Nikon, but this is my little sony cybershot - perfect for my purse, takes great videos and takes pics email size for store emails- that is the biggest reason I need to find it!  So the hunt continues, I have not seen it since the creative gathering, I think I will call the 55 plus tomorrow in case, by some off chance it fell out of my purse or something.
As for this weekend, I am taking off to a cottage to....SCRAPBOOK!!!!  Yep, me and 2 other friends, going to be staying up late! getting up early, eating junk and scrappin ALLL weekend long!  My goal is at least 40 layouts (you see I need to get a handle on my pics too!)  I will let you know how I did when the weekend is done:-)
Have a great one!


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  1. Well I did 43 layouts!!!! Just squeaked by my goal, would've had one more, but those Vikings pics just were not coming together for me:-( Oh well, save them for the next weekend away...hmmm I am dreaming of it already:-)