Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Merry Christmas Banner with new Bundled Up line from Crate paper

I have had a Silhouette machine for close to 1 year now - and I am by no means an expert!  I still go to the manual to figure out the simplest things - but I do love what it can do!

I wanted to create a banner for my fireplace - and I had a helper (Ms.A) so we went shopping in the Silhouette store!  We found a Banner pattern we liked with extra scallop circles as and add-on  and spent our $$ and got it...but now to separate the banner from the scallop circles etc - and re-size that banner for our needs!!
After checking the manual I played with the Ungrouping button - clicked on the image I didn't want cut at this time (i.e.- the scalloped circle) pressed delete (x button) and done!
When I was left with just the banners - I pressed the Grouping button, and then could change the size of the group of banner so they were all even.

Perfect - cut that out enough times for the background of the words, Merry Christmas.

Then the next part - cut enough scalloped and shaped ovals for the banners -
I re-opened a new file, inserted the file (upgrouped to delete the banners this time)
And ungrouped to highlight, move and place my images where I wanted them on the mat - then I replicated the images to fill the mat and this is what I got!

now I have no idea if this is the "proper" way to go about it..but it worked for me:-)  And I think that is what it's about - getting the machine to do what you need it to do!

so here are a few pics from the process!

Paper and embellies from Crate Paper "Bundled Up" line!  a few extra things as well:-)

Base banners - yes the silhouette even cut out the holes for the ribbon

let the layering begin!! Ms. A was in charge of putting on the pop-dots

So colourful & fun!!

I hope you feel inspired!


  1. Looks great! If you ever need help with the Silhouette - just let me know.. :)

  2. thanks Nicole!! I will send you a note for sure - that is awesome:-)