Thursday, February 2, 2012


to create you have to feel it - a great space has something to do with it, but you have to love your paper, your pictures, your content, your inspiration, your "stuff" you want to add to the page... I feel very blessed that I have a job that inspires me constantly, I spoke to a few ladies today - and I love to ask "what are you working on?" the answers always vary, and the projects that are shown to me, are so great - thanks for sharing:-)
that being said, I want to share with you, I have been scrapbooking for a while now, and I ALWAYS had to scrap in my bedroom - now you know how much stuff you can accumulate - you all tell me you have a store of your own in your house...but finally after many, many years of this...
 well I wanted an old pic of my bedroom scrap space but could not find it:-( If I do find will add it afterwards)

...from the bedroom I was then in my cold unfinished basement for quite a while...

Hey, I had a plug in heater - an extra lamp, and it worked!!
But then we finally decided it was time to finish the basement, I was SO EXCITED that this meant I would finally get my own space, and would have a place to create - and shut the door to(as I am a messy creator!!)

then the day finally came and I could move in....I had to organize ALL of this!!

Now I kept on telling myself I would post pics of my space when it is all cleaned up and perfect, but that being said - it never is!! I ALWAYS have something on the go - so here it is, as I work in it and play in it...

My Space

 the space is actually quite white with great lighting - the combo of the flash and the chandelier makes it kind of yellowy in the pictures!

 lovely storage from that "M" place!

 this wall has my own heater (absolute awesome feature) and my rolling trolly from Cropper Hopper, love this, but am looking for a tiny laptop desk...maybe this in white??

 case on top - holds my printed photos, bookshelf has my inspiration and a few stamps in the white bin

 more inspiration - and a layout that I had just gotten back fr Cdn Scrapbooker as it was published:-)

 just a few mini books -I keep a bunch more upstairs where the kids/company can look at them

 I still love my wooden stamps:-)

 my lovely sewing machine - courtesy of MCC thrift store - my typewriter is from there too, but it is in the closet right now
 Cropper Hopper bins - normally used for cardstock, but I use them to house my current pages/projects - I generally sort pics, and add paper and embellishments, and put projects into giant Ziplocs, that way, if I get inspired, I am pretty much ready to tackle something!

yes - there is the Dec Daily - all done, just have to bind it up and I will post the finished product (sorry, flash went of again so photo got yellow...)

there is it, in all it's messiness, however I have not met too many scrapbookers who admit to being neat and tidy - I love it, and am down there in my own little "scrappy" world, almost everyday...

Here are a couple of things I have created in the last while!

 Punched circles out of My Mind's Eye's beautiful Valentine line, in the store now!

 I sprayed both the TH ticket and the butterfly with OA pink Sprinkler spray...
 sprayed the word heart and this butterfly as well
crinkled the ribbon with sookwang tape
 used the starburst punch from Martha Stewart - the word celebrate and butterfly are from the OA Sidewalks Miscellany pack
 these layouts are inspired by Marcy of My Scrap Shoppe/October Afternoon design team... I used the Starburst punch again
 OA sprinklers again
 journal tag is chipboard and from Studio Calico - as is the paper

 pretty much the same layout, just flipped a couple of things - photos were from the same photo shoot

thanks for your time today, I hope you feel inspired!!
If you have photos of your own Scrap space and would like to share a link - I would LOVE to see it:-)


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