Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily Progress

well it's been a little while, I have no issues taking my "picture a day" for my DD - the issue is printing the pictures, and deciding what sizes I want, etc. Solution, a friend and fellow scrapbooker showed me some pics she printed on her printer at home - they were awesome, nice colors, crisp - and I usually don't love glossy but these pics looked great! Even more enticing, the software that comes with the printer has a great photo program that prints the pic in different sizes and with or without the white border. She picked one up for me at Staples in Wpg. a Canon Pixma 4600 - I'm in love! It was only $69.99, and yes the ink will be very expensive to replace, but I won't use it for everything, just special projects (like this one) or when it's 1am, I'm scrapbooking and need a certain pic in a certain size - yes me and Pixma will be very happy together!
In the meantime, here are my completed pages 1-20... be inspired:-)

extra pics from Dain's field trip in this
cute little envelope from Maya Road

I will upload a few more pages in the next day or 2... I'm not saying every page is totally done, after I have the whole album full of pictures, I might go back and "tweek" things a little, but it has been really great capturing the "little moments" in the busy month, Merry Christmas!

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